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Chemvent is a new product development company with Ph.D. chemists and new product specialists. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the development process. Chemvent assists businesses and innovators with each critical product development service including product design and strategy development, custom product formulations, patent research, creative design, and scaled manufacturing.

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Chemvent’s chemists will work with you to balance the ideal properties of durability, component costs, pigments, additives, and more to create an effective, differentiated paint or coating formulation. Our product development service creates successful paints and coatings, ready for manufacture.

Our new product development company will develop a product able to encourage crop growth, or discourage weed and insect presence. Chemvent product development experts will work with you to develop a fertilizer or pesticide that will meet environmental regulations, application specifications, and other important properties.

Our cosmetic product development services include the ability to create a wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products to suit your innovation idea. Whether your idea involves a cream, gel, aerosol, solid, or powder, we will work to select innovative ingredients, and ensure that your compounds meet market regulations.

We develop epoxy, acrylic, and vinyl adhesives and sealants. Our custom product development lab formulates adhesives for uses including bindery operations and sealants for uses with assemblies, joints, etc. Our formulations produce market-ready products to match your specifications.

Formulation capabilities include cleaning products intended for home use, institutional use, and industrial use. Our product development experts will work with you to develop an effective cleaning product that matches environmental requirements, and other key specifications.

Recently Completed Product Development Services

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Paw Protection Wax

Our client was looking to create an organic wax to apply to the paws of service dogs that work in snow and ice. We formulated non-toxic wax product that effectively seals animal paws from harsh elements.

new product development services
No-Foam Shave Cream

Our chemists worked to develop a shaving cream without foam to compete against leading shaving cream brands. Chemvent’s personal care product development service created an effective shaving cream that moisturizes while rinsing clean.

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Nutrient-Rich Cow Feed

An inventor in the agriculture industry wanted to create a healthier animal feed with more organic ingredients. Our new product development specialists worked to blend vitamins and nutrients critical to livestock health. Chemvent successfully formulated a new animal feed for our client.

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Interior House Paint

A client brought Chemvent’s paint formulation experts a retired paint that he wanted to recreate and improve. We formulated a duplicate of the retired paint, and then worked to improve the safety standards of the ingredients, until his product was safe for market introduction.

custom new product development
Football Eye Black

A football-enthusiast innovator noticed the leading eye black cosmetic smeared upon contacting sweat from players’ faces. Chemvent’s cosmetic formulation experts created a water-proof, sweat-proof eye black able to withstand harsh conditions.

custom new product development services
Fuel Additive

A client wanted to formulate an octane booster that would maximize engine performance and power. Chemvent’s Ph.D. chemists worked to modify toluene, mineral spirits, and transmission fluid levels to create a successful fuel additive.


I had a general idea for a new pesticide product, and the scientists at Chemvent worked with me to develop my idea. I don’t have a scientific background, but Chemvent provided all the chemical expertise fully invent my product.
New Pesticide Development

I used a brand of epoxy sealant for the past ten years, and when the company stopped manufacturing it, I brought a sample to Chemvent. They were able to identify and recreate the sealant formula, and then improve it.
Epoxy Sealant Development

I chose Chemvent to develop a carpet cleaner because they provide custom development to where the clients own all developed formulas. That is simply not an option at other companies.Cosmetic Development